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Pairing Subject Matter Expertise With Machine Learning To Beat Controlled Substance Abuse

The Controlled Substance Solutions (CSS) platform is a window into controlled substance dispensing activity that enables compliance analysts to gain even more insight from the data their organization is already producing.

The CSS data flow begins at the source, the individual pharmacies—with data ingestion flowing through a secure HIPAA compliant portal. Ingestion triggers the next stage of the pipeline where dispensing data is loaded into the data warehouse and transformation/data enrichment begin with a variety of third-party data sources.

Using pharmacy, prescriber, and patient addresses, the platform geocodes and calculates precise distances between network nodes to support advanced geospatial analysis. Starting with simple drug identifiers, CSS enriches dispensing data with a comprehensive drug database, containing precise drug categories and attributes. Along with classifications and metrics from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) the platform generates pre-built analyses relevant to each compliance analyst. These data enrichments allow full use of the CSS metrics library, as well as open opportunities to apply machine learning and generative AI techniques for predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Data & Knowledge Flows

The dispensing data is available on-demand via a suite of interactive dashboards. These dashboards provide general, high-level analyses, as well as topic-specific and line-item level reporting to compliance analysts–enhancing existing workflows. They are available whenever the compliance analyst needs them and support a variety of features such as scheduled content and customizable alerts.

While the flow of data is critical to the CSS platform, the flow of knowledge is just as important. The development of CSS is actively guided by subject matter experts, experienced pharmacy staff, and the customers themselves. As new topics and metrics become relevant in the compliance space, CSS reacts by engaging with those in the industry, who are best positioned to communicate the everyday needs of analysts and compliance departments. It is in this way that CSS has two primary flows of information, one flow of data that serves as the analytical foundation, and one flow of knowledge and experience that drives continuous innovation.

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Michael Armao is the founder and CEO of Verstand AI and brings over 20 years of IT and data architecture experience to the firm. Having spent over a decade working in Homeland Security and the Intelligence Community, Michael now dedicates himself to building and executing the commercial decision science and product engineering vision of the company.

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