Designed to be both modular and comprehensive, Verstand service lines reflect market demands and the specific needs of our clients. Each engagement or product development challenge taken on by Verstand teams has the necessary skills and requisite number of staff to deliver optimal results on a timeline that makes sense for the needs of the business.

Verstand AI Data Engineering

Infrastructure & Platform Engineering

The Verstand approach provides clients with platforms and infrastructure that are both hardened and scalable. By ensuring individual security measures are implemented for every component within the environments built, Verstand reduces enterprise security vulnerabilities to a manageable level. By following industry best practices and utilizing “infrastructure as code” the consistent configurations that are deployed increase platform efficiency and decrease overall cost.

Verstand looks for the best solution for the job and is not beholden to any given tool sets or platforms. By using its close relationships with the leading cloud providers and wide experience in cloud implementations across a variety of environments, Verstand clients can expect the most appropriate cloud infrastructure to address their enterprise business needs.

Our Process

  1. Assess client’s current state architecture and polices including attack vector identification, storage, identity, and access management to ensure they align with desired outcomes.
  2. Recommend an industry best fit platform in partnership with the client’s technical team, based on the clients’ current technical capabilities and future aspirations while considering compliance requirements and cost.
  3. Agile delivery of an elastically scalable platform to address immediate and future data needs.
Featured Project:

Infrastructure for a HIPAA Secure Startup

A bootstrapped startup needs to be both innovative and lean in its early days. The company, in the health-tech space, partnered with Verstand AI to build a highly flexible and scalable infrastructure to enable its future growth. Verstand made security its top priority for this project, ensuring a best-in-class application of technology to both protect data and ensure a valuable user experience.

Verstand AI Data Integration

Cloud Engineering & Data Integration


All Verstand engagements start with asking the question, “how can we better use available data and do we need more?” Verstand data product owners and engineers help client organizations put to use available data by designing solutions that effectively identify, evaluate, and “transform” data to be analyzed. To accomplish this mission, our teams acquire and offer a broad breadth of data management knowledge and experience.

Verstand makes the strategic cloud vision of its clients a reality. Knowing that each client has its own specific requirements and needs, Verstand Cloud Services offers solutions that are flexible in nature, allowing for adaptability based on changing business needs. Verstand clients can expect the ability to better answer business questions, solve problems and intelligently plan with the use of their cloud data warehouses and data products.

Our Process

  1. Understand client requirements and conduct the necessary technical due diligence to ensure the approved solution can be implemented.
  2. Identify and evaluate impact to current client operations (e.g., plan for legacy system modernizations) and understand how to integrate the correct data solution, whether it be single cloud, hybrid cloud, or an on-prem and cloud coexistence.
  3. Architect, build and deploy the new cloud systems with special emphasis on testing to ensure a smooth system transition.
Featured Project:

Cloud Migration

Verstand AI moves companies to the next level in the cloud operating paradigm. By taking antiquated on-premise systems and transitioning them into the cloud, our clients can enhance their speed of delivery, eliminate manual steps, and reduce infrastructure deployment time. This very thing was done at a client site where Verstand organized and democratized the company's data, now allowing departments who never had access to transactional level information to make informed decisions.

Verstand AI Data Science

Applied AI & Decision Science


At Verstand AI, decision science is not an exercise that produces a static and quickly forgotten deliverable. We believe real-world outcomes and ROI are important. Any data strategy must take into consideration what is currently possible with AI and decision science. To this end, Verstand engagement staff work in tandem with our clients’ domain experts to develop and engineer products that give our clients a competitive edge in their industry.

Unlike other firms, Verstand assists in implementing any strategy it co-develops with its clients. We stress realism, pragmatism, and short-term benefits in all our planning and in the solutions provided to the client.

Our Process

  1. Evaluate our clients’ current and desired use of decision science and AI. Consult with domain experts to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  2. Formulate and identify the preferred solutions considering client capability cost, resources, and current state of the art methodologies.
  3. Engineer and implement decision science products in an agile framework on the clients preferred technology to unlock the value of their data.
Featured Project:

Synthetic Data

One of Verstand’s clients came to it with a challenge to improve controlled substance compliance. To engineer and test such a product with an initial limited amount of data, Verstand engineers took advantage of the use of synthetic data. Using a small sample of data and machine learning, generated 100’s of millions of data points to be used in the product development process. This undertaking allowed the partner to successfully move forward with development without additional stress.

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